Platform for Positive Social Change


Identifying, directing and facilitating the allocation of individuals' time, energy and skills toward local and global projects that create and support positive social change.

In plain text...

It happens to all of us. We go about our daily lives and observe a situation and think, "Wouldn't it be good if...." but then so often say to ourselves, "Alone I do not have all the time, energy and means needed to make it happen." So we shrug, say "Oh well" and carry on with our daily lives.

Collectively we do have these resources, especially when coupled with the communication ease available today. This site reflects some of the ideas that have sprouted as a result of thinking "Wouldn't it be good if..." By pooling our time, energy, special skills, contacts and most importantly, our enthusiasm, imagine what we can make happen!

The Fun Factor will also be high and entire families are welcome so read the initiatives, consider your skills & resources and share if & how you would like to be involved.

Have an initiative of your own? See "Propose an Initiative."